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Mixed Media Art Techniques with Vicki Boutin

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Designer and crafter Vicki Boutin inspires and guides us through life's wonderful moments into the world of mixed media arts in this magical class full of Art Crayons, Glazes, and techniques for crafters at any level! Full Description.
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Lesson 1: Inspiration and Imagination: The Magic of Vicki Boutin

Get back to the basics of crafting and scrapbooking as designer, crafter, and blogger Vicki Boutin for American Crafts takes us on a journey through time to the very beginning of her scrapbooking adventures. Her inspiring reminders will evoke an epiphany in not only your life, but your projects as well! Be reminded of the creativity, inspiration, and ideas that surround us each and every day in every moment of our lives, and how those moments are the basis for truly unique, awe-inspiring crafts for ourselves and our loved ones. Also, learn about what a 'Junque Journal' is and why you need one for your crafting!

Duration: 14:53

Lesson 2: The Endless Possibilities of Art Crayons

Explore the endless possibilities of one of Vicki Boutin’s favorite, magical craft items: Art Crayons! Learn what makes these art crayons unique, versatile, and your new favorite tool for mixed media. Whether you're a beginner or advanced crafter, you're sure to be riveted by Vicki's tips and tricks to guarantee success and beauty with these crayons when paired with water. From determining the right paper for optimal aesthetics to understanding the importance of your art crayon delivery system, and even blending existing colors into new ones, this class will change the way you look at crayons!

Duration: 14:20

Lesson 3: Tips, Tricks, and Techniques for Using Art Crayons

These are definitely not your kids’ crayons! Vicki Boutin demonstrates an unbelievably artistic and yet simple dry application with Art Crayons, stencil brushes and a beautifully-patterned floral stencil!  You won’t believe how easily these crayons create a wondrous, blended effect with a few simple techniques! Also, get all the information you need about loading the creamy crayon pigments onto your stencil brush and performing both a basic cleaning and a deep cleaning of your brushes for extended use!

Duration: 06:24

Lesson 4: Using Art Crayons and Stamps For Amazing Watercolor Art

Are you ready to be a watercolor painter and don’t know where to start?  Then this is the lesson for you! When pairing your art crayons with stamps and adding just a splash of water, you’re creating your very own canvas of shapes, images, and designs to color in!  Vicki leads you into this introduction to watercolors in a beautiful, vibrant way with minimal investment. Learn about the right kinds of ink to stamp with, and the best ways to blend, build, and create wondrous layers of depth to your watercolor art!

Duration: 05:20

Lesson 5: Color Theory and Blending Customized Colors

Vicki reminds us of a truly important concept: practice!  In this walkthrough of stretching the creative possibilities of mixed media, we explore blending, mixing, and the many facets of colors themselves.  Get creative with your colors, and let Vicki guide you through creating custom tones and hues for complementing any project you’re working on. Practice makes perfect!

Duration: 05:43

Lesson 6: How to Use Glazes to Create Magical Texture Effects

If you’ve been wanting to add some true magic into your crafts, then the glitter and glitz of Vicki’s Glazes are the perfect way to do it! Explore the possibilities in creamy texture pastes loaded with sparkle and shine. Find out the best techniques in using them on their own to dazzle, or as a blend with Art Crayons in a shimmery rainbow.  Watch as the glamor of the glazes amazes Vicki herself, and be inspired to create your own magic with them as well!

Duration: 12:46

Lesson 7: Building a Background with Color and Dimension

If the hardest part of crafting for you is staring at the stark white background and not knowing where to begin, Vicki has the answers!  Using simple applications of techniques and supplies, learn how to build and layer a colorfully whimsical basic background. Understand what makes each facet of your layout pop with color placement, dripping watercolor Art Crayon, and stencil techniques to create depth and awe on your mixed media scrapbook page! Vicki will also let you in on some trade secrets about heat tools on paper, and how perfection is not the goal!

Duration: 20:19

Lesson 8: Introduction to the Kissing Watercolor Technique and More!

Building the magic from start to finish, Vicki completes a full background walkthrough with Art Crayons, Glazes, and her imagination as her guide! Get a firsthand view of some simple watercolor tricks as Vicki shows the “kissing technique” and the “tip and drip” that incorporates a bit of magic into your backgrounds.  Discover the amazing things you never thought you could do with Vicki’s inspiring guidance and positive encouragement. And learn about how mistakes can create artistic vision that you never even knew you wanted in your project! Vicki can’t contain her excitement at the beauty of her completed project, and you’ll want to sing and dance along with her when you see the magic you create!

Duration: 34:24

Lesson 9: A Layout From Start to Finish: Using Multiple Mixed Media Techniques

Be a part of the WOW factor as Vicki walks through building a simple yet glamorous layout with shimmery Glaze mousse and blended Art Crayons. Become a master of the watercolor “kissing technique” accompanied with the art of stamping after seeing how simple and easy it is to create and blend an array of beautiful tones into an artistic masterpiece.  Play around with a world of stamps, with layering and dimension for piecing together a layout sure to amaze!

Duration: 12:02

Class Details

Duration: 126:11

Designer and crafter Vicki Boutin inspires and guides us through life's wonderful moments into the world of mixed media arts in this magical class full of Art Crayons, Glazes, and techniques for crafters at any level!  Listen to her roots in the crafting community and be reminded to live your best life and do all the things (crafting definitely included!) to leave moments and memories for those we love.  Experiment with the versatility of Art Crayons in wet and dry form and experience the wonder of their application on your scrapbook layouts and homemade cards.  Vicki's intriguing insights and tricks will have you experimenting in no time at all.  You'll be amazed at just how simple it is to use Art Crayons and Glazes for dimension and texture that will result in an unbelievably enchanting layout! Get ready for some true magic as Vicki reminds us that learning and discovery for crafting is in the practice and the play - let's get started today!

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About the Teacher

Vicki Boutin Artist

Hailing from Southern Ontario, Canada, Vicki Boutin started scrapbooking when her now-teenage son was a baby and has been actively involved in the industry for almost seventeen years. Vicki has been in industry magazines and books (including one that she authored - Creative Foundations), makes television appearances and travels the world teaching her craft. Vicki equally loves scrapbooking, Junque Journaling, canvas art, card making, all paper crafting, and mixed media art. Scrapbook pages with a touch of mixed media artistry in bright, vibrant colors dominate her day-to-day creations, and she enjoys supplementing with mini books, practicing techniques in her Junque Journal and creating cards. Vicki's passion for scrapbooking lies in the relationships she develops, and finding a common connection with other crafters who share this passion for paper crafting. The process of creating truly brings her joy!