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Mixed Media Tips and Techniques for Beginners with May Flaum

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Noted crafting expert May Flaum demystifies the art of mixed media and shows you just how simple, beautiful, and creative this popular trend can be. This is a class where you can truly allow your imagination to run wild and your soul to feel at home.  Full Description.
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Lesson 1 - Introduction to Mixed Media : Where to Begin

Are you intrigued by the art of mixed media but a bit intimidated by it? Join May as she shows you the many lovely layers that make up this trendy technique. May will demonstrate the many forms it can take, what she truly loves about it and the basic types of products that can be used to get started. May makes mixed media approachable and manageable and is sure to share plenty of tips, tricks, and inspiration along the way. You will see how to mix different mediums to experiment and create inspirational and colorful journals, canvases, scrapbooks, tags, cards, and more. You will feel comfortable and eager to begin your own journey and exploration before the lesson is complete!

Duration: 09:25

Lesson 2 - How to Select Color Combinations for Your Mixed Media Projects

Follow the rainbow of colors to the pot of gesso! May reveals her favorite vibrant mediums and how to mix them to achieve interesting and unique color combinations to use in your mixed media pieces. Learn tips and tricks for choosing the proper inks, how to color mix with stamps, and the most effective application techniques. Your world will be radiant and rich, and you will be a mixed media chef in no time, crafting recipes for every occasion!

Duration: 13:29

Lesson 3 - How to Use Gesso to Extend the Possibilities with Products and Colors

You'll love the proven techniques that May shares with you for how gesso can expand the usefulness and possibilities of your products and colors. May clearly explains the various kinds and forms of gesso, as well as an easy way to remember exactly when gesso should be used in your projects. Watch as May mixes interesting embellishments into her projects, showing you how easily you can incorporate fun textures into your art. With May's guidance, you will increase your mixed media confidence, creating pieces that inspire and wow.

Duration: 09:59

Lesson 4 - Tips and Techniques to Create Textured Projects with Stencils

Watch as May demonstrates how you can develop a strong foundation for your mixed media projects by using stencils, choosing to make them either a focal point or part of the background. These techniques allow you to add design, color and texture to your mixed media project in a unique and simple way. May shares specific techniques and general tips and tricks for applying different texture mediums to stencils. You will learn which stencils are best to start with and tricks for steadying your canvas to minimize movement. May demonstrates various ways to add color to inks to give your art pieces new and interesting looks.

Duration: 12:59

Lesson 5 - How to Place Finishing Touches on Mixed Media Projects with Metallic Mediums

In this lesson, May shares her secret for creating mixed media projects that shine. You will learn how to establish depth and interest simply by adding a bit of crafty bling. Infuse radiance into your art and make your masterpieces stand out as you learn about the various mediums available to help you achieve that look.

Duration: 12:26

Lesson 6 - How to Mix Stamp Techniques with Background and Coloring Techniques

May shares her formula for incorporating stamping, color mediums, and textures into her mixed media art pieces. In this lesson, May explores the sensory element that heat embossing can add to your art. Build your confidence working with Distress Crayons as May demonstrates various techniques, tips and tricks that have best worked in her own art. Walk away inspired to apply your newly-acquired creative skills to your own mixed media masterpieces.

Duration: 12:15

Lesson 7 - How to Use Color Mediums to Enhance Embellishments

Bring blank canvases to life as May shares her favorite mixed media techniques for taking white embellishments and enhancing them with color mediums. This tip is not only fun but adds innumerable possibilities to your projects, and it is economical as well! Use what you already have in your craft stash, and breathe new life into it by altering it with various color mediums. From spray stain to ink, your imagination will run wild with ideas and excitement on how to accent your own mixed media art pieces.

Duration: 15:47

Lesson 8 - Experimenting with Color Layering, Running, and Mixing in Your Mixed Media

Do you love the look of hand-lettering, but maybe are not the biggest fan of your own writing? May encourages you to embrace the many alternative ways to achieve this trendy look in your mixed media pieces as she demonstrates some of her favorite techniques. This lesson will inspire and empower you to use color and textures in new and creative ways! The layering of wet versus dry color is introduced, and various background textures and techniques are explored. May will discuss the best ways of letting colors run and mix, when to use gel and other mediums to "write" on your projects, and when to use elements like shapes rather than words. Black and white will become vivid color after this lesson, and you will be ready to write your message across art canvases both small and large!

Duration: 10:42

Lesson 9 - How to Create Depth By Using a Resist Technique Through Glossy Layers

Let it shine, let it shine! May leads you step-by-step through this fun technique that will add that special something to your mixed media pieces. Utilizing glossy gel medium and combining it with various mixed media mediums, you will explore ways to experiment with your projects in order to create beautiful mixed media works of art.

Duration: 11:47

Lesson 10 - Creative Ways to Create a Layered Paint Texture

May shares her simple approach to creating painted layered, textured pieces. She will walk you through her process and show you not only how fun it can be to make, but exactly how simple it can be, too! Explore acrylic paints, stencils, and various mixed media textures as you watch May create several beautiful art pieces in her signature magical style. After May shows you how easy it can be to create something of your own using only materials that you have around the house, you will be ready to get started right away!

Duration: 16:01

Lesson 11 - How to Create Instant Texture by Stamping into Paste

You may have heard of stamping into paint, but have you tried the same technique with gesso? Paste? This instant texture technique is a ton of fun- and you can use most any supplies as well! May places you in a sticky situation as she shares plenty of tips and tricks- like how to use enough paste to make the texture, but not so much that it becomes a goopy mess. You will learn what type of stamp works well with this technique, the best inks, and lots of coloring ideas and recommendations. You'll love that May believes that "mistakes happen"- and that they can actually work well within a mixed media project!

Duration: 11:26

Lesson 12 - Review: The Five Step Method for Mixed Media Success

Challenge yourself to banish any preconceived notions you might have had about mixed media, and embrace your own creative style. May breaks down her tried-and-true five-step method for mixed media success, allowing you the freedom to explore mixed media mediums and techniques with confidence. Replete with visual examples and guidance, you will feel ready to take flight into the beautiful world of mixed media art in no time at all!

Duration: 17:44

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Duration: 154:00


Noted crafting expert May Flaum demystifies the art of mixed media and shows you just how simple, beautiful, and creative this popular trend can be. This is a class where you can truly allow your imagination to run wild and your soul to feel at home. You will learn how to express yourself with new mediums and just what each of those terms you hear so often these days mean. You will leave feeling inspired, motivated to create something of meaning, and confident in your knowledge of mixed media basics. Your creative vision will become more focused and you will build confidence, ready to infuse your personality and style into your own art.

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May Flaum

When it comes to crafting, May Flaum loves it all! She is never found without a great pair of scissors and loves adding buttons, beads, and splashes of her favorite color mediums to all her creations--from her art journal to homemade cards to her scrapbook layouts. May has enjoyed working with many craft companies over the years and now has her own line of signature embellishment mixes called 28 Lilac Lane. May loves sharing her experiences with fellow crafters and encouraging them to try new things and enjoy the process. Creative time is a happy time for May, and she can often be found in her studio blogging, creating, and teaching online classes at  She is constantly inspired by the world around her and loves exploring new project possibilities and trying new techniques. When she’s not crafting, she enjoys traveling with her favorite companions: her husband, two daughters, and two dogs.