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Quick and Easy Tips for Personalized Planners with Janette Lane

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Are you curious to learn why planners are all the rage in the papercrafting industry right now but confused where to begin? Allow Janette Lane to be your guide as you fall in love with the process of personalizing your planner.  Full Description.
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Lesson 1: Personalized Planners: Inspired and Reflective Organization

Delve into one of the papercrafting industry's hottest new trends-that of artful, reflective planning using journals, notebooks and embellishments. Become inspired and learn different approaches to personalizing your planner so that you fall in love with the creative process.

Duration: 01:24

Lesson 2: DIY Planner Dividers: Coloring Book for Adults!

Coloring books for adults are on-trend right now, making them the perfect addition to your planner and your day! Let Janette show you how to use any coloring page to create a DIY custom divider that will provide a relaxing way to de-stress while keeping your planner organized.

Duration: 03:02

Lesson 3: How To Create a Planner That Inspires with DIY Mini Mood Boards

Learn how your planner can encourage and motivate you to become more organized. Janette demonstrates various techniques for creatively embellishing your planner through the use of inspiration, or mood boards.

Duration: 02:20

Lesson 4: How To Make Easy Embellished Paperclip Planner Accents

Janette introduces us to the wonderful world of decorative placeholders for use within our planners. She demonstrates how easy it is to take simple chipboard stickers and turn them into embellished paperclips that will add that extra special touch to your planner.

Duration: 03:13

Lesson 5: Focusing Your Organization: Planner Dashboards Explained

Follow along with Janette as she shows you how creating your own dashboard within your journal can not only serve to keep you more organized by creating a command post, but also allows you to express your creativity. By using embellishments such as washi tape and journal cards, Janette demonstrates how easy and fun creating a planner dashboard can be!

Duration: 05:02

Lesson 6: Easy and Inexpensive DIY Planner Charms

Let Janette show you how to add fun, customizable accents to your planner without using any fancy tools and with no jewelry-making skills required! Her simple technique shows you how easy it can be to personalize your planner in a way that makes a big impression.

Duration: 02:16

Lesson 7: How to Design Your Own Custom Sticky Notes for Your Planner

Janette lets you in on a secret as she shows you a fun new way to spice up those boring yellow sticky notes. You'll feel like a whole new world has opened up to you as you use her technique to create a beautifully custom--yet highly practical--tool for your planner.

Duration: 02:05

Lesson 8: How to Make Journaling Cards with Watercolor Techniques

Learn how to add sparkle and inspiration to your week by creating stunning watercolor journaling cards in just a few easy steps. Your planner will look like a work of art in no time!

Duration: 03:38

Lesson 9: How to Use Washi Tape to Customize Your Planner

Allow Janette to introduce you to new ways to use decorative tape to create colorful accents within your planner. Janette turns everyone's favorite tape into a wonderful way to track your goals and milestones--whether they be how many miles you ran or how many cups of coffee you drank this week!

Duration: 03:18

Lesson 10: How to Make Your Own Weekly Planner Inserts

Allow Janette to show you just how easy it is to make your own planner inserts to fit your needs perfectly by simply using paper and a few fun stamps. You'll be well on your way to weekly organization in no time!

Duration: 02:49

Class Details

Duration: 29:07

Are you curious to learn why planners are all the rage in the papercrafting industry right now but confused where to begin?  Allow Janette Lane to be your guide as you fall in love with the process of personalizing your planner.  You will be introduced to products and tools that will assist you as you create lasting memories and achieve a sense of inspired organization in your life. 

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About the Teacher

Janette Lane

Janette Lane is a designer, teacher and the owner of the Pocket Letters® line. She is currently working on building her brand and products.  You can find her on her YouTube channel, The Janette Lane, where she features tutorials on several crafts, including planner layouts, pocket mail tutorials and other papercrafts such as travelers notebook layouts.  Janette is also part of the Planner Society design team and enjoys teaching Pocket Letter® workshops and other online workshops, like "The Holiday Creative Planner" segment last year.  Janette is also a full time craft designer for Sizzix.