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Give a Cheer
Give a Cheer

Stephanie's Love Story
To Have & To Hold
Journaling reads:

This is a story of love, ordained from up above.
They met on a blind date; some may have called it fate.
It was months before they'd begin to admit being more than just friends.
She was young and he was old. 'Leave her alone' her mother did scold.
'I just can't do that' he did say-in a most respectful way.
She remembers the very moment she knew; he was the 'one'. He said 'the one I chose to marry will depend on if she knows God's son'.
Six years later he proposed on the beach- her favorite place to be.
It was hard for them to set a date. When considering the rest of your life- what's one more year to wait?
Yet even after seventeen years of wedded bliss she still feels butterflies with just one kiss.
Their wedding vows did state 'till death do they part'; but when you married your soul mate that will be when eternal love starts.