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Give a Cheer
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Give a Cheer

This is a landscaped two-pager of my son's first trip to the zoo. It was really fun I hated to not use all the pictures : ) I did It landscape so I could stick it in my album too : ) Hope you like! *****Just realized I didn't add the journaling!!***** Journaling reads: Your first trip to the zoo. How cool is that? I know I had a blast. But were completely amazed by the animals you got to “see”. Most of the time we pointed, and you looked around . But those few moments where you caught glimpses of God’s creatures were completely captivating. I could see your little eyes fill with a million questions you can’t quite ask yet. Daddy let you have ice-cream. You couldn’t grasp the “lick” concept - you just tried biting at it, which was completely adorable. I know one day you’ll get tired of hearing that word, but for right now...everything you do is adorable. The weather was gorgeous, the company was great, and we definitely had a good time. I love being a part of your firsts. All things are new through your eyes, and you unknowingly teach me to be thankful of the little things in life. Thank you for that sweet baby...thank you.