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Jurassic Park two page layout

Journaling reads:
Excerpted from Alyx & Vicki’s Travelogue…

Thick with perspiration and anticipation, we trudged down thick jungle pathways, tangled with smoky puddles, lush foliage, and gawking tourists. We could sense something waiting for us. It could almost be paradise. But in this forbidden place where man has tampered with nature, you can feel it in the air. Something new and exciting is going to happen. And then we saw it. The gates to Jurassic Park, open and beckoning us enter.

I’ll never forget the look on your face when you saw it. Your eyes lit up and your face exploded into joy. I asked you to stand in front of the gates for a picture, but it was your idea to pose like you were running screaming from the park. You are so funny.

We broke for luncheon at the traveler’s waypoint – the Thunder Falls restaurant. I had T-Rex ribs and you had French fries. We shared a HUGE piece of chocolate cake then wandered outside to see where all the screams of terror and joy were coming from. You were soaked to the bone as we watched these other, more foolhardy souls plunge down an 80 foot waterfall – screaming and laughing all the way.

We explored Camp Jurassic, a dizzying multi-level maze of rope bridges, stairways, caves and waterfalls. Then we came upon the infamous amber mines where scientists first discovered the dinosaur DNA frozen in time inside fossilized mosquitoes. It was then that we found your most treasured spot – the gift shop. You were overwhelmed by all the choices but finally decided on a dino/helicopter play set.

We finished our day at Jurassic Park exploring the Discovery Center. You controlled the head and mouth of a 20 foot T-Rex. We learned some dinosaur trivia – mommy won against two other players. We worked in the incubation lab and wandered the grounds.

Jurassic Park -– its not just
a walk in the park!

Products used:
The “trip of a lifetime” tag is the center out of the P from the Basic Grey Vagabond Monograms.
Basic Grey – Phern background paper
Leather tie-ups by EK Nostalgiques
Brown cardstock and twine.
Universal Studios ticket stubs