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Give a Cheer
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Give a Cheer

For a short time, I did some of the KUDOS boards at work. This was my first idea. I case it's too small to see, the flower petal parts were used as the actual "KUDOS" note (to praise a fellow nurse -or patient to nurse compliment note). I cut a few different patterns of flowers (though this picture shows only one style of flower petals) with a Cricut, then ran them all thru my Xyron (my favorite tool!!) with repositional adhesive so that they could be removed once the board got full to allow for additional KUDOS. I made the stems out of different lengths and styles of ribbon. I even hand drew and cut some 'cloud KUDOS' to add a little more interest! I then found some cute bumble bee stickers and scattered a few around the board for fun. :)