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Oops, I guess my scanner was off a little. Oh well, the orange title reads: Horse Camp, Oakdale, CA
Hidden journaling:

Brayde’s first experience with horse camp was June 2006 in Oakdale, CA. She spent a week at Aunt Nickie and Uncle Dave’s house where Aunt Nick would take her and Alexa everyday to Shady Lawn Ranch to participate in a week of extensive horse training. We thought Bray would be totally exhausted by the first day and not want to go back. Much to our surprise, she was very tired at the end of the day but more than eager to go the next. Part of her excitement was this gentle creature named Patty. A 21 year old female Appaloosa was just the right horse for Brayde to show off everything she learned that week by riding this sweet, sweet girl in her weekend performance.