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Journaling (In the triangle)...

Port Sydney... July, 2007... Sunny Day and a high of 32 degees (C) with a slight breeze off of the lake made for a fabulous day for a Kids Triathalon. Swim, Bike, Run... we were not sure which would be your "best" event. You were the second last one out of the water... I was concerned for you. You would later tell me that you made up exceptional time on the BIKE passing many other kids and then had a great RUN. You came across the finish line with a respectable place of 14 out of 19 kids. SO PROUD... and now you can't wait until your next Kid's Tri!

*SWIM 200m (9:23)
*BIKE 5.6km (17:22)
*RUN 2.2km (13:57)

**OVERALL TIME (40:42) *** Note that this time differs from that on the clock in the photo as the kids were all sent out in waves of age, girls vs. boys.