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This card started out from Aug. 2006 Paper Wishes Cardmaking Kit of the Month Club & since I dont like to copy or use other people's ideas I used their papers & just added my own ideas. The card is the standard size card which I took a pattern peice of paper and inked the edges with Colorbox Cat Eye Chalks "Warm Violet" & then with my Xyron 500 Sticker Maker I ran the paper through and adhered to front of card. When cutting the paper I left a quarter inch of white showing. Next I cut the 2 main purple blocks which measured 2" wide X 4" tall & with my hand square punch I punched the squares evenly apart by punching the square on a scrap peice and then using that to trace the square against the line I drew with my ruler & then would measure after each square I drew to know where to draw the next one.

After drawing the squares I then took my hand square punch and punched out the squares. I then chalked all of the edges again with the Colorbox Cat Eye Chalk "Dark Purple" and using my tape adhesive I glued only half of the purple paper leaving the area that was punched unglued so I could lace the card. I adhered both purple blocks and then used my "JUTE" fiber and cut out one long piece and laced the blocks up like a shoe making a bow at the top.

The scroll in the middle is a poem by Robert Frost - Two Roads Divded, which I printed on white cardstock, tore the edges, & inked with the "Warm Violet" chalk. I used a scap peice to make the removable ring around the scroll and then took another peice of "Jute" fiber & tied around the mid section of the threading & made a simple bow that can be untied & removed.

The bottom section that looks like ribbon is really a peice of paper that I chalked the edges and cut to be 3/4" like normal ribbon. I ran it through my Xyron sticker machine & then added my brads that came with the kit by punching a small hole with my 1/8" hand punch. I put the brads in & cut off any part of the backing that hung over the edge w/my wire cutter. I then adhered the paper ribbon n brads towards the bottom of the card and prepared the "Bride & Groom" embellishment next.

The "Bride & Groom" was part of the kit that was simply paper printed with the look. So I removed the peice and traced around the oval on to chipboard and cut out w/scissors to give the peice more depth. I chalked the edges with the "Warm Violet" and then ran it through my Xyron Sticker Maker and Adhered to the top of the paper ribbon.

The "Envelope" was made with the scraps I had left over from the main card which I layered to cover the edges that were crooked & used my "Victorian" decorative scissors to cut the edge of the purple paper running vertical. I used more of the brads that came in the kit & did the same effect where I ran the papers through my Xyron Machine first, punched holes with my 1/8" hand punch and secured the brads as I didnt want the brads going through the envelope & catching on the card on the inside.

For the peices that are running the width of the "Envelope" again I used the scraps from the main card, except the 2nd peice I used ribbon that I had, which I cut to match the other peice of purple paper & ran the ribbon through my Xyron Sticker Machine & adhered to the top of the purple scrap which by the way all of these scraps where chalked around the edges w/Colorbox Cat Eye Challks which I used the "Dark Purple" to outline the edges better.

The metal on the ribbon is by Making Memories & came with adhesive on the back, so I removed the backing and adhered to the ribbon. The wording was rub-ons from Making Memories .