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"Our family was spending a week in Montego Bay, Jamiaca for Tiffini's wedding. I was enjoying myself till I saw the "lizzard" or should I say lizards. I don't profess to be a lover of lizards or any reptile for that matter. I was OK as long as they stayed outside, but when I saw one in the room, I totally went hysterical. I awoke one night to see them crawling on the rafters in the ceiling. (My husband said it was only a couple of them, but one, is one too many for me) The folks on the island say they're like insects, and I didn't have to worry about them falling off the rafter on to me (Needless to say that was my worst nightmare). They couldn't convince me of that though. I told the house keeper "All it takes is for one of them to have a bum leg and come falling down on me!!!! I assured everyone a lizard falling on me would not be a pretty sight at all. Mass hysteria would be a polite way of describing my reaction. If my husband had not been with me I would have been in the Ritz Carlton the first night! Needless to say, I never went into a room by myself (very young nieces and nephews make wonderful lizard spotters), and when night came I always sat facing the wall when we had meals on the veranda. No way did I want my back to the wall, and the lizards crawling on the wall. Now that we have all returned home, my family laughs about me and the lizards. Although near the end of the week, they were starting to get jumpy themselves. One thing I discovered, is that even if you are the oldest child, you will always be your parents little girl. I hate to admit it but by the 2nd night, I was sleeping in the room with my parents. They are 69 and 65, and I'm 45! Hey they had a canopy bed! I figure, if one does come falling down, then I wanted to most definitely be in the canopy bed. Besides, my husband was more than happy for me to sleep with my parents. He says that's the only way he got any sleep!; at least until he saw the "wood rat", but that's another story.

I just couldn't resist putting this story to paper; especially after my brother went to all the trouble of making sure he got a picture of one of the lizards before he left Jamaica.