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Okay, so the curtain rod is crooked b/c I waited over a week for dh to hang it, and well... I got tired of waiting and did it myself, lol. You get the idea anyway. I originally wanted to do this for my ribbons, but after getting it on the wall, I got the idea of hanging my stickers... as you can tell some of them aren't completely flat b/c they have been in drawers/bins. I haven't had a chance to organize them yet (theme/brand/size, etc.) but you can get the idea. I love it so far, and the curtain rod extends, so I plan on adding the rest of my stash (or at least a good portion of it) as soon as I can get another bracket, for extra support. I hope that now that I will have my stuff more "in front of me" I might actually start to use it. TFL :).