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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

Products used: SEI Be Bop - Diamond Blast and Toothpick Twist, Bazzill cardstock- white and crimson

The story of how my oldest ds got his most noticeable dimple.

Journaling reads:
The Dish on the Dimples

You have three dimples on your face. One on your chin just like your Daddy. It was very visible when you were born, but is harder to see as you get older. Another dimple is just below the right corner of your mouth. It can be seen when you say certain words or when you smile really hard. I have the same dimple and so does your little brother.

You always get comments about the little dimple in your right cheek. It is very noticeable when you flash your big, happy smile! People have asked who you get that dimple from since neither Daddy, nor I have dimples in our cheeks.

I tell them that you weren’t born with that dimple. It appeared about a week after a fall you took when you were two and a half years old. It started out as a tiny bruise, then about a week later, you had a new dimple to add to your collection.

I have had many people give me a doubtful glance when I tell that story, but I guess the proof is in the pictures!

Tag on small photo reads "Look, Ma, no dimple!"