Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

I was going for the soft-fuzzy-blanket kind of look so instead of printing a regular pic I made it an iron-on-transfer on an old receiving blanket. It didn't transfer super great, but I think that makes it look more well-loved. I tried doing iron-on-transfer with the poem, but that just didn't want to work for me so I ended up running the blanket through the printer and that worked great! I would have printed the picture straight on the fabric if I would have known it would work so well.

I wasn't allowed to steal my dd's puzzle piece so I traced it and put some fun foam behind it to give it some dimension.

The poem says:

Snuggling with my Mommy
Is where I like to be
All the world is right
When she is holding me
I snuggle in her arms
When I'm hurt or need a rest
Cuz snuggling with my Mommy
Is the thing that I like best

Thanks for looking!