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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

I did this LO for the Imperfect Lives/Fears & Phobias October Challenge. The photo was just so perfect for this LO. I took some self photos of me some months back and I was being goofy at times and did this one also.
I also incorporated the two twists of using black cardstock as background and the nasty skull face at the top.
I have other fears or phobias, but these seem to be the most often dealth with in my life. I listed my fears as: spiders, bugs, weapons, God's Wrath and turning 40. I become 40 in December. A bit scarey at times, especially since I am single still. But I know the Lord has a master plan, so I am just along for the ride. :)
The bottom blue box says: CAUTION 1. always keeping safety in mind. 2. proceeding slowly and carefully 3. sometimes thrown to the wind. I am a seriously cautious and safety conscious person, and this sticker was just PERFECT for my fears layout.
As a kid I used to have this fear of nuclear war, hence the radiation symbol.