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Give a Cheer
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Give a Cheer

this is for Scrap your street challenge..

Hidden journaling next to street sign,
Well everyone says,"Home is where your heart is ."I guess home is where my street is.Because in 2005 I moved across the street from my childhood home.Where I lived from 2 to 25.It is so funny to think back I never thought I would live so close.I knew I would stay in Hobart because our saying is "Once a Brickie always a Brickie."I remember my parents neighbors Mr. & Mrs.Hamilton would talk about our street all the time.They told us stories about the Indians walking from Gary to Downtown Hobart to trade goods.And that a movie star from the 20s or 30s vacation home was the house on the hill next to my mom & dads.And a sad memory too.That my dad's best friend's son Brian (a playmate of mine) was struck and killed by a car when he was 5 years old.I was taught we live on a very busy road so be EXTRA CAREFUL!!!I am teaching my children that now.It is amazing all the things I know about our street.It is a beautiful place to grow-up! AND I LOVE IT!!!