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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

Ok I put my 1st can in my folder, the pics are not great but you can
pretty much see it.I will try to get some better ones to post but was
excited to get them on here so here they are! I used costume satin for
the bears clothes. 24 YARDS of ribbon on the handle, a few roses and
rhinestones on the ribbons. Roses around the rim, put pearls in the
little circle that is inset in the rim. I knew I wanted rhinestone and
could not find them, finally I ended up in the fake nails and found
these little fake crystals, they were perfect, so those are on the
lid, along with some stickers from LSS, can't remeber the brand. The
dove you can see is Jolee's, there is a matching one on the other
side. I use stickles to make some hearts. The paper is just card stock
that I cut in strips, and squares. I am now finishing the bag book to
go with it will post it when it's done. LMK what you think! Misty J.