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Give a Cheer
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Give a Cheer

Oliver Hugh Hunigan 1844-1923
When my dad was in the Hospital dying he said to me I wish someone had done a family history . We know so little about our family name ...Well little did I know that when I promised him that I would 24 yrs ago that it would take me on a journey that I still continue on to this day.
The only thing that anyone knew about the Hunigans were that Oliver my great grandfather was an Orphan from Floyd Co va. Later research found he was born in Carroll Co in 1844 but the county line between where he was born and later lived was just a couple of miles. When Blueridge and I embarked on this journey this was about all we knew except a few tales that cannot be proven. We we found out quiet a bit. He was raised by a family named Duncan whom we have never been able to find a connection. He lived with them until he went to fight in the civil War. He was wounded at the 1st Battle of Bull Run!! He later rejoined and was taken prisoner at the First battle of Chattanooga. He was taken to the famous and dreaded Andersonville Prison in GA. He survived the war. He was missing in the 1870s we cannot find him on any census. But in the 1880s he was in Greenbrier West Va where he made liquor and sold it to the White House in Washington DC. During President Grants service.. In the 1880s he returned to Floyd Co Va and set up a small store. He married a beautiful little Indian Girl who was 18 yrs younger than him and they had a family around 1900 the family moved to Sullivan Co tn where his decendants still live. Oliver died in 1923 after a series of strokes. We found after over 20 yrs of searching that his parents were named Lacey Hunigan and Mary Bobbett. This is something we were always led to believe that no one knew, but we found proof. The older members of the family told us to leave it alone but Becky and I just dug harder what they were hiding we still dont know. We also found a George Hunigan who married Rebecca Daniel in Grayson Co Va whom we believe was the father of Lacey. No proof just by default there were no other hunigans per census and other records in Va at that time. George from records came from Donegal Ireland and his father was Charles. More research needs to be done on this.
Daddy never got to see the results of our search but
I am sure he would have been proud. Like us he wanted to know his heritage but the older people did not want us to know. This picture says on the back
DAddy taken at the old home place which would have been Floyd Co va and this would have been around 1890