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Give a Cheer
This image was printed from:
Give a Cheer

Close up of page 2 of two page Father and Son spread.

Handwritten tag journaling reads: I love my son - Dad

Printed journaling reads:

The year of daddy.

This year you have grown up so much. You used to be only a mommy’s boy but you have recently begun to discover the wonders of dad. You have realized how strong and kind your daddy is because he would carry you to the ends of the earth – and mommy can’t do that anymore.

You have found that daddy will hold you, sleeping on his shoulder, through a full meal at the Thai restaurant when mommy would have woken you up so she could eat more easily. He will sit for over an hour holding you while you sleep when mommy would have snuck away.

Your daddy lets you sit in his lap while he plays games and will play games he doesn’t want to play just because you want to watch. He will play games on your computer with you and even draw dinosaur cartoons in Blue’s Clue’s paint program.

He moved your computer into your room because you wanted to be “cool” like your friend, Ethan. When you decided you missed being in the computer room with mommy & daddy, mommy said, “Ok, we’ll just move your computer back into the computer room. But you said, “what if I just had 2 computers – 1 for each room.” Mom said, “Um…” and dad said, “OK” and proceeded to build you another one.

There is nothing in this world your daddy won’t do for you. He loves you so very much even though you say, “I love my mommy, and I just like you daddy.” He doesn’t mind, he just says, “That’s fine, I’ll remember that when you turn 16.”