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Give a Cheer
Give a Cheer

They have been best friends from the beginning...before they were even born! They spend time together every week. They really love each other. In this picture they are hugging each other. It was so cute the way Ava pulled Gabe close...and Gabe just went with it! Their car seats were next to each other and they were holding hands in the car. (smaller picture) The tag can be pulled out(LL corner). The tag tells about their friendship. Ava and Gabe were just 15 months old. These pictures were taken spring 2005. The sticker in the upper left corner says" True"...the charms say...true friends, forever friends, friends for a friends. Ava and Gabe. The middle of the page says: How beautiful a day can be when friendship touches it. The words on the bottom right read: find joy in every journey. See the RT- page for the rest of the description. The "b" in the middle is embellished with many pieces. It has 3 layers on the top, and is backed with bazzil for extra detail. the b also has ribbon that says cherish, 3 different blue colored beads, silver and blue paint, blue flowers, silver brads, blue brads, basic grey dawson fiber, joy-silver-paper clip, the silver part of the b is painted with blue, then silver over the blue. F is attached with small blue safety pins. Felt is attached to the base of the b. A stencil was used on the middle of the page(bottom). 3 silver paper clips, and silver brads were used on the larger picture. The RT page has all the pages descriptions and items used.