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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

From my USF Cheerleading album. This is hands down, my most favorite layout. It took FOREVER to do but I'm really proud of it. First let me say that this was the best moment of my college cheerleading career because I did a skill that I had never been able to do before in front of a crowd, a layout full.

We didn't capture any pictures of it so I was pretty disappointed...BUT we did get video on my digital camera. So what I did was take 10 different freeze frame images and print them all out on the computer, same size. The quality was very, very grainy, but it gave me enough of an idea to where I outlined each photo and created a pattern for each part.

Then I used an exacto knife and carefully cut out each part of the trick onto black paper. Then I took a large photo of USF's football field and blew it up as much as I could on the computer. I took the photo and placed it behind the cutout. Then I journaled all around it, put the title on, and placed a picture of my smiling face on there too :)