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Christmas in July is Here! The best of last year and beyond | Details Here.


Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

Once again, my "sewing" program "tucks" things inward when i bring the 2 scans together into one page. Everything is linear irl.

Jornaling on page 1:
Michael John
1967 - 1972

You were mom and dad's first born child,
a big brother, nephew, & a grandchild.
You were diagnosed with luekemia when you were still a baby
and fought a fight for your life that would
be difficult for any adult.

I was still a baby of only 1 years when you left this world
but my soul still remembers the big brother
who protected me
and loved when I rubbed the peach fuzz that
replaced your hair when it all fell out.

In your 5 years on this earth, you taught so many
people so much.
The wisdom you carried at such a young age
could have only come from an angel with
a direct pipeline to God.
I know you are still with us,
looking down from above
awaiting the day we all are together again.
We love you!

Journaling on page 2:
Page 1 Photos
(Top) Dad, Michael (2) and Mom 1968
(Bottom) Michael (5) & Mom, Mike caught his first fish!
This is one of the few photos we have of Michael with no
hair, he was usually embarrased by it but
in this photo he was so proud of his fish, he didnt care.
Page 2 Photos
(Top Left) Phil (4), Me (1), and Michael (5)
Standing in front of our Pontiac Ventura.
(Top Right)Baby Michael (7 mos)
(Top Middle)Cousin Greg & Michael on his 5th birthday
(Bottom Middle)Michael (4), Me/Chris (1), Phil (3)
(Bottom) Phil (3), me/Chris (1), Michael (4)