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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

This is for the Dec. "Every Kid Should" challenge.
Journaling reads:
Arielís hamster, Love, died on Wednesday, April 12th, 2006. She was really upset. Ariel decided that she wanted a guinea pig to replace the hamster. Off to Meijerís we went where a cute little black, brown and white one caught her eye. What was even better was the fact that it was on sale and so were all of the supplies. Fifty dollars later, we were on our way back to Grandma Judyís with Arielís new friend, Angel. We set up the cage at Grandma Judyís and introduced Angel to her new home. Then we placed her and her home in the jeep and headed home. Once we got there, Ariel spent a lot of time with Angel. However, I noticed that Angel looked lonely when Ariel wasnít home. I looked online and found out that guinea pigs like to live in herds so I decided to surprise Ariel and Angel with another guinea pig. On Wednesday, the 19th, I went to the Saline pet store. They had three guinea pigs and the one that I thought was the cutest was a tan and white one. I couldnít wait to surprise Ariel! Abby snuck the guinea pig into the house while Ariel was out back playing with Danny. After Ariel came in, I asked her to show me how the guinea pig fence worked that she borrowed from her teacher, Ms. Dafoe. She went over to the cage and reached in to pick up Angel and then she freaked out! She started crying and screaming hysterically. Then she ran around the house carrying on. After about five minutes, I finally was able to tell her that I bought the second guinea pig as a surprise. She then calmed down. I asked her why she got upset and she said it was because she thought that Angel had a baby and that it was growing at an alarming rate. I couldnít stop laughing! Then her and Abby started laughing. Ariel went over and picked up the new guinea pig and found it to be even friendlier than Angel. She said that I could think of a name for it and I told her I would let her know the next day what I had picked. I ended up picking Anna. She changed it to Angelina.