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I hope that I am a lot like you. You are my hero, Mom. There are so many traits about you that I admire and hope to emulate.

You never live by the creed of others, but carefully evaluate and judge your inner compass to find your own direction. If there is anything that you can not do, I have not seen it.

You are so creative in everything you do. I love it when you dig out your paints and easel, your art is just beautiful, though you are your worst critic. You are a beautiful decorator. When I need a room redecorated, there is only one decorator I would ever call, you!

You can do anything mechanical, from plumbing, to electrical, to building just about anything, to being able to interpret every bad sound a car can make and you always know how much it should cost to fix it.

You are great as a domestic goddess also. You are my favorite cook, I try to recreate your recipes all the time, though they never taste the same. You have showed me the techniques and “the feel” of the ingredients a million times, but mine just never quite tastes as good.

You are a great Mom and that is the thing I admire the most. You are not only my Mom, but my very best friend. You know me better than I know myself. You are the one I call on for advice, an ear, a shoulder to cry on, and just chatting about whatever strikes our fancy that day. I hope I can be these same things to my daughters, for you are truly a successful Mom!
You have my admiration, my devotion, my support, my friendship, and most of all my love.

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Patterned Paper: My Minds Eye
Fiber: Fiber By The Yard
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