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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

What a fantastic idea this is! I wish I could take credit for this awesome project but the idea orginated from a tutorial on - a must try! Along the lines of opening a door and retrieving a piece of chocolate this advent calendar has tags that have fun things written on them for the family to do together. One for each day from December 1st till the 25th. "Watch a Christmas movie together", Cutting paper Paper Snowflakes" "Go for drive to see all the Christmas lights" "Make a christmas CD together" "write a christmas story" "Bake Christmas cookies" and a ton of other things. I tried to mix it up so that everyone has something they will enjoy. My daughter jumped in and helped with a lot of this project and enjoyed coming up with things to writeo on the tags, so you can get the whole family involved on creating this! One of the other great parts of this project for me was getting the chance to use up scraps of paper and tons of leftover not matching numbers and ribbons, so if you have lots of "leftovers" this project is perfect!