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JOURNALING: Scrapbooking is so much more than just a crafty way to showcase my photos. To me, itís a way of bonding; not only with those who I create pages of and for but with other scrapbookers and for others to bond with me by knowing more about me through my pages. I have found a way to bond with non-scrappers by showing them my work and as a result, they find themselves wanting to know more about this amazing world we call ďscrapbookingĒ. Granted, scrapping is a wonderful creative outlet for me and has led to me getting involved in mixed media and altered arts, etc. It has also become our family business, having created ScrappingWithStyle.com in June 2003. Itís much more to me than all of this, though. Itís a way to express myself to others when words simply arenít enough. Scrapping leaves a legacy for my children and their children. It allows me to get to know my family better and as a result, has made us even closer than before. Scrapbooking is more than just a word . . . more than a hobby. Itís a huge part of our lives and our family.

NOTE: Melted Rocklettes into letter "S" and tied ribbons on it.