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Our Puppy Pitiful is a full blooded Beagle pup and she is full of energy and spitfire. She is right now having an ongoing war with a Squirrel in our backyard. The very middle pic is of the squirrel on the bird feeder.

BTW, the score is Squirrel 10 Puppy 0, but she is really getting close.

Journeling reads:
Poor Little Pitiful... she tries so hard to get that squirrel that visits the feeder, if she only knew there were three squirrels and not only one. But she is soo cute when she gets out the backdoor and sees one.Her little nose to the ground trying to get the scent. You can tell when she has found it, her tail starts wagging faster and d=she starts barking and yipping at the ground. Just a typical Beagle Puppy at Play.