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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

I'm not sure I like how this page turned out b/c there is so much journaling, but one of my favorite memories from this trip happened this evening. Journaling reads: A hilarious dinner! Katie, Jenn and I had the cutest waiter that we named Patrick through digusted gritty bites of haggis and some weird egg dish. To top the evening off we were voluntered to learn a traditional Scottish dance. Let the laughs begin! I was paired with Jameson, a great dancer; whereas, I had two left feet and a face full of tears from laughing so hard. Sometimes I wonder how many times I stepped on Jameson's feet. Whie talking to William we learned he had a friend from Massillon Ohio who had a duaghter that went to Jackson High School. How ironic and funny!