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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

My layout for 5 challenges: My first lo in a paper after a long time.

***Thank you Diane (DLynch) for telling me about Kim's More than One Challenge. Now I have 5 challenges in this one lo.

1) New ~January ***PENS only Challenge* By: Riorabbit.
Design a layout using ONLY:
1 sheet of solid cardstock (color of your choice)
All the pens, pencils, inks, and chalk you desire!

2) January **Doodle Challenge** By:~{Puppet}~
LO must be new and have hand drawn doodles. The Twist is optional: Doodle your title (yes, use your own handwriting!) or doodle on your title letters. My very first time to hand doodled in my lo. I doodled my title and everything as you can see I'm not good in doodling. But I had so much fun doing this lo.

3) Jan Color Challenge By: KariAnn
LO must 75% of white in it. The TWIST- Use three groups of exactly three. Ex: 3 photos, 3 buttons, 3 groups of staples, 3 patterns or paper, etc. I'm not sure if the 3 flowers in the swirl doodling are qualified for the twist, if not that's ok.

4) Dec/Jan Scrap Your Name Challenge By: DLynch.
Scrap Your Name (or nickname). What is its meaning? How did you get it? Do you love it or can't stand it?
Girl's name Arlene, ar-lene is pronounced ar-LEEN.

I found this card that my husband gave me along with his first present ever. I thought it's perfect for this challenge so I scanned it and included in my lo. Sorry the scanned is blurry not clear enough so here it goes:

From the Irish Gaelic root Arleen; a feminine form of Arlen. Means PLEDGE -she is a powerful speaker; has a pleasant personality; tidy, neat and orderly; a woman who is full of contentment; a valiant defender of her beliefs; she's deligent, quiet and ambitious; she is organized; self-assured and outgoing; someone who does her best in all she does.
Well, I'm not a powerful speaker and a valiant defender of her beliefs but most of the meaning are seem quite appropriate for me.
My oldest sister gave me this name and I really love it.

5) January More than 1 Challenge By: SuperAllyFan
My one lo for 5 challenges.
Thank you for looking!