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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

DLynch's "Scrap Your Name" challenge and Pammy's "Clear" challenge. Having so much fun with this one! I made my own overlay using transparencies from an office supply store. And I found out that Jette is an actual name! (A municipality of Belgium.) Also a word with English origins, meaning "stone."
Having so many possiblities for stone, (i.e. gems, amulets, achievement (milestone/stepping stone), punishment (stoning), structures (cornerstone), tributes (headstone), sculptures, strength, a heavy weight to bear, etc...), I approached my dad, who gave me the name, with high expectations for a terrific story. Maybe he saw the name on a map while in the service. Or perhaps he thought of his tiny new baby daughter as a precious gem. So recently I asked him, "Dad, how did I get the name Jette?" "Well," he replied, "your mother had you so fast, we barely made it to the hospital." I'm actually named after a form of rapid transportation. Oh well, I still like it!