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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

This is my oldest cat - my oldest baby! :o) For the letters, I painted them with green and yellow and a mixture of the two - kind of a camouflage. After it dried, I painted it with black. After that dried, I used sandpaper to make them look worn and "junglelike".
"Mellow Yellow... our beast. Tim adn I got him from the Oceanside Humane Society in August of 1993 when he was alittle kitten. He has moved five times with us to various apartments and then to our house. He has been there when we brought home both of our daughters - I'm not sure he was as happy about those days as we were! Throughout all of these changes, he has always maintained that he was the King of the Jungle. The most recent change was the addition of our kitten, Fudgy. He really surprised me at the gentleness and "fatherlike" quality that he showed to her. He is still our BIg Guy...or Mr. Kitty...or Big Cat. It all depends on who you ask - it seems like every family member has a different name for him!"
Bazzill - cardstock and square brads
Deja Views - PP - Peaberry Stripe
Making Memories - jigsaw letters, rub on letters "KING", paint
May Arts - Blue with white dots ribbon
Orrfay - other ribbons
Deja Views - Rub on letters "of the"