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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

Finally, my first safari layout from last year's vacation in Tanzania...I'm soooo far behind. This is the story of our improbable sighting of the Big Five in one hour! Square accents are layers of UTEE with a stamped image. Another 12x15 layout. Thanks for looking!

&quot;One Park
One Morning
An unbelievable story, to be sure but it happened to us! It began with an early morning game drive. Planning to catch the gate right when it opened at 6:00 a.m., we were ready to go very, very early. Just as we left the gates of our hotel with the sign that says, “do not walk past this point,” we spotted it. A leopard! The most difficult animal to see in the park because of its coloring and the fact that it hides in the trees much of the time. Wow! It sat to the side of the road, stared at us and slinked away. Oh, this was a great sign. It was going to be a great day! After hurrying past the gates to the park, luck was still with us. We caught the last rhino of the herd crossing the main street into the center of the park – where no cars are allowed. We then thought we’d see if we could catch the lions – we’d spotted them earlier but decided in favor of the rhinos first. Got ‘em - still lounging in the high grass. Now, off to see the buffaloes…they weren’t too far away, meandering by the side of the road. And, with just a few minutes left in our first hour of the morning, we found a small herd of elephants by the trees.
DONE! The Big Five in one park, one morning, One HOUR! Who would believe us?! Our guide didn’t want us to tell anyone – it would make it hard for the rest of the not-so-lucky guides as their own tourists would want the same “special safari.” Yea rrrrrrrrrrright…we told anyone who would listen!! Ha ha ha! Incredible!&quot;

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