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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

At first had a small issue with myself over using this beautiful PP for an accident LO. Then as the journaling was rapidly being typed out, I knew exactly why I picked it.

On an evening in November of '98 I was driving into work. I was driving down a highway section with 5 lanes. I was in the second to the left lane when up ahead a tractor trailer was broken down in the lane I was traveling. Not having time to look to each side to see if I could move over, I began to slow down quickly. A teen girl rear ended me at approximately 65 miles an hour.
My saving grace was that she was all ready changing lanes to her right so her car did not collide with mine directly behind me. Evidently she was looking over her shoulder too long and in her inexperience did not see me stopping in front of her. I do not remember any of this, this is the story I would read from the police report later. I was knocked unconcious instantly and also according to the witness accounts in the police report, did a few spins across this busy interstate highway and stopped sideways partially in the fast lane and partially in the lane to the left of it. Another 3 cars collided with each other to avoid hitting me again. Pieces of debree flew everywhere. I remember a semi-concious state lasting only few seconds when a male shadow appeared at my window asking me if I was all right. I had no idea what had just happened, I thought i was dreaming and remember telling the man that I was sleeping, to let me be, and I slipped back into unconciousness.
From what I understand, they had to use the jaws of life to free me from the metal cage that I was not aware was caging me. I'm not sure how much later, I awoke for a few more seconds, laying on a stretcher as they lifted me into the back of an ambulance. I remember speaking to the EMT but do not remember what was said before I again slipped into unconciousness. My next moment of conciousness was when I was being lifted in a hospital onto an X-ray table. I remember asking what had happened to me and the attendants mistakenly told me that I had been hit by a tractor trailer. Not remembering where I had been going or who was with me, I asked if my children had been in the car and the attendants said “I dont know”. Again conciousness slipped away.
I awoke the last time in the Emergency room and my mom and dad were sitting there beside me. They informed me that my girls had not been with me and held my hand and their presence comforted me. I ended up with just a concussion, whiplash, a few bruises and muscles that hurt for weeks from head to toe. I am convinced angels were protecting me that night.
I chose to display this scrapbook page using pretty paper because as ugly as this incident may seem, it changed my life for the better. My life before this accident had been riddled with heartbreaks and depression.
I walked through life always asking “Why me?” for any misfortune that crossed my path. This accident was my wake up call.
It was the beginning of a new view on my life and my world. I learned that you can fight depression, and people bring a lot of negative things upon themeselves unconciously.
I learned that life is a precious gift and I had not been cursed but had been blessed.
I started seeing sunsets, rainy days, everything around me as a gift.
Instead of dwelling in them, I have come to investigate my own sad feelings when they arise, and banish them and remind myself of all the wonderful things around me.
I started, although not overnight, a journey to a happier me.