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Give a Cheer
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Give a Cheer

I'm submitting this to the we love flower challenge.
This is a promise that I made with my DS after he said I don't love him one day last year...
the journaling: Calvin,
One day when you were only over 4 years old, you have been told not to do certain things but you still carry on, thus Iíve spank your hand and punished you to stand on the corner, suddenly out of nowhere and out of my expectation you said: ĒYou donít love meÖ you really donít love your child!Ē
It really hurts me and hurt me deep. It made me ponder if I have done anything wrong in the way in disciplining you, if I havenít been hugging you more enough, if I havenít been giving you enough attention everyday, if there is anyone that have been telling you some dreadful lie about me.
Later I start telling you how I love you, why I discipline you and find out why you donít listen to me. Every night before sleeping, I gave you a big hug and you always demand me to whisper something on your ear like ďBe a good boy, donít be naughty, donít push your little brother..Ē Then only you are satisfied and fall into your dreamland.
I may not be a perfect mom to you, but all I want to tell you is: ďI do love you, you are still my precious one and I promise that Iíll love you all through my life.Ē
Mummy, Dec 2007