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Favorite in Wisconsin it's starting to get chilly it's time to break out the snow suits. Since the doctors and U/S technicians kept telling me that Ryder was going to be an 11lb baby, I bought this 3-6 month snow suit for winter last year. WEEEEELLLLLLL he definitely didn't fit it last year, but he certainly fits it now. It's kinda sad in a way that a 3-6 month snow suit fits him at almost 11 months, but hey, at least it wasn't a waste of money. He *IS* finally in 6-9 month clothes and the snow suit did run a little big...okay, I'm trying to justify having a small baby.

I'm just glad that he's happy and healthy after all we went through last year. You can definitely tell he's a happy baby though. Smile

Credits: Autumn Luxury Kit by me