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Give a Cheer
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Give a Cheer

I had wanting to use this Rouge De Garance Paper for quite awhile now... my new favourites... I had to search for a long time before I could find it too!!!

This is my middle DS last summer waiting for his Kid's Triathalon to begin... It is funny that he is so young but people always tell us how definded his muscles are (my other 2 boys are bean poles)... All of the kids according to the age range they are in are given colour coded swim caps... his LUCKY colour... SALMON PINK!!!

**For Pammy's Bright Challenge and KariAnn's Colour Challenge (lime green, orange and salmon pink)**


**In "Trouble Bubbles**

I am strong and full of energy... Ready to Race...

Check out this swim cap... Why did they give me this... A strong boy with a "SIX PACK" of muscles? Nathan got gold and Matthew received blue... BUT ME... SALMON PINK!!!


At 7 years of age you certainly have incredible stength and well defined muscles... People say you are "RIPPED WITH A SIX PACK"... Kid's Triathalon... Orilla... 2007