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This was an e-mail I sent to my family along with the pictures of my girls on Leaves Part 2. The e-mail reads...
As a child my favorite tome of the year was always the fall. Not only because it meant my birthday and Christmas were right around the corner, but also because of the beautiful fall leaves. The beautiful yellow, brown, and reds of the trees werre always mesmerizing, and I have many wonderful memories of jumping and playing in the leaves as I'm sure most people do. Being that I ahve always lived in a place where someone else was responsible for the maintenance of the beauty of the fall I have been able to keep the appreciation for this season...until now! Along with this beautiful new house we live in comes a nice size front and back yard. So yesterday I decided now that I have the inside of the house 85% completed, I'm going to head outside and clean up the yard that was full of the fall foliage. With the rake in one hand and the leaf blower in the other, I put the jackets oon the girls and headed outside to enjoy some fresh air and cleanup the yard. Boy was I in for a surprise. Within about minutes I went back inside to change out of my sweatshirt into a tee-shirt, even though it was in the mid 60's. I never knew why everyone always complained about having to rake leaves, it always seemed like so much fun to me, I now understand! To make things more difficult, there was a nice breeze blowing and Allison was learing the fine art of jumping into leaf piles. Watching her have fun kept me going for a while. To see the joy on her face was a gift. The love of the fall that I always had was being drained out of me with every sweep of the rake and being transferred to her. It was almost as if you could see the energy jumping from one body to the next. Needless to say the yard isn't yet completed. I still have about 1/2 of it to do today. But Allison has now found a new joy in life as have I. Instead of jumping and playing, I'll be raking and sweating, and getting to watch the beauty of my daughter's smile as she jumps into my leaf piles and the music of her laughter as she continues the love for the fall season and the beauty of the fallen leaves.