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I had so many pictures of my kids at the playground I had no idea how to fit them all. I've never done such a symmetrical page, but it was the only way to fit everything! The jounaling reads...June 13, 2005, I took the girls to the playground at the school a few blocks from our house. We had a wonderful time! Allison had fun going down the slide and Skylar had a blast trying to clumb up it. She is a determined little one. When she puts her mind on doing something NOTHING is going to stop her. Allison found that playing with the rocks was much more interesting than the playground. So Skylar continued on her journey of mastering the playground. She then realized what her big sister was doing, and had to join in on the fun. Of course when we came home I found several rocks in shoes, pockets, and even diapers. They had to bring home souvenirs!