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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

I am obsessive about a clean home
I love to read gossip magazines
I take my job too seriously
I love my Mac & cheese milky
I twirl my hair
I bite my nails
I like my space
I crack my knuckles
I don't like bathes for getting clean, only showers
I hate to be late
I hate when others are late
I talk too fast
I won't eat pudding or Jell-O
I worry too much
I hate to wear socks with my shoes
I have to cut my sandwich in half
I love to wear skirts, even when I'm sitting at home
I almost always am wearing a tank top
I love big sweater coats
I have to use a particular shampoo
I don't drink soda often
I donít function without my one cup of coffee
I am sensitive
I am stubborn
I have to lie on a certain side of the bed
I have to have the TV on for noise
Sometimes I still get scared of the dark when alone