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Once again, you're going to have to forget my picture. My scanner isn't working and all I've got is the camera.

I've been wanting to do this LO for a long time... since June to be exact. LOL My element of surprise is the bling. I've got bling scattered throughout the LO. The letters "surgery" also are glittery however the camera didn't pick it up. TFL!

June 2007
You woke up in the middle of the night screaming your tummy was full. Dad and I couldn’t calm you down so I rushed you to the ER. After the doctors examined you they determined you needed to get your system moving and things would be fine. The next day you were a little better, but not my joyful Julia. Dad decided to stay home with you and I went to work. You still were crying. Dad and I called Dr. Kenien’s office and brought you right in. After looking at your tummy again we went for x-rays and tests. While the cause of your pain was unknown it was decided that you should go into surgery to have your appendix removed and explore. The doctors feared your appendix was going to burst. 4 o’clock that afternoon I handed you over to the surgical team and I have never felt so helpless. As they walked away with you I couldn’t stop crying. I had lost control. I now needed to trust strangers with your life. After an hour the doctor came and told us the surgery was over and you’re fine. Just less your appendix. After 4 days in the hospital you’re good as new. Just a little scar below your belly button to remind me of how precious and fragile life is!

Edited to Add: LO was inspired by Christine Middlecamp.