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This is a different sort of LO for me. It's really about the story, rather than the picture. The photo isn't even mine. I borrowed it from someone on flickr. It's amazing to me that you can search for anything on there, like 'parking lot' and you can come up with 10+ page of ppls photos of parking lots :P Some of them were super amazing too. Who would have thought you could make a parking lot look cool?? LOL They managed it.

Journaling: There are so many, but here's Reason #403,792 why I love you.

"I just want to look around." My husband said as he pulled into the parking lot at Circuit City and began to go up and down aisles to find a close spot. When he didn't elaborate about what he wanted to buy, I asked, "So, what are you looking for here?"

He paused and looked oddly at me. "A parking spot!" -2/16/2008