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ok... horrible day. going to bed. i'm done. :) tomorrow is another day... and hopefully a better one.

JOURNALING: I have the worst headache. What a horrible day this has been. Just when I thought we were making progress, she takes a hard left turn... almost as if to see if Iím paying attention. I wasnít. And now, itís escalated to a level I didnít see coming. The word ďtantrumĒ just doesnít seem to do this behavior justice. All day today, she either completely ignored all of my requests, she shook her head and simply said no, or she dropped to the floor in a total tantrum. Naptime was a very long and very loud hour. She screamed... not cried, she screamed for a solid hour. So we had power struggles throughout the rest of the day. Bath and bedtime... they were no better. Thanks heavens she was by that time exhausted and only screamed for about 7 minutes before simply passing out. All of this on top of today being the 4th day of spring break following a long day of rain yesterday. The boredom of a 6-year-old had finally set in. He was full to the rim of energy and nothing seemed to capture his attention longer than about 10 minutes. There were neighborhood kids in and out all day and the sound of silence seemed a lifetime away. It is finally here, at 10:52pm. Thank you for that, Jesus.