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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

On a typical day, Rowdy is all over the place going from activity to activity! I woke up one morning and told my hubby, "I think I am going to follow Rowdy around all day with the camera. If you see me take pictures of silly things just ignore me - there is a method to my madnes" (well, this day anyway...LOL!). I took about 3 times as much photos as what I put on the LO but obviously I couldn't fit them all! I scrapjacked Heather Keller's "a day in the life" LO. I got the idea from her and I used the same technique of cutting photos into squares and journaled around them. But, I took it to the max by doing a 2 pager. I really love this and it will always remind me of what Rowdy was like when he was one! I used 2 pieces of cardstock and the rest is scraps - the small pink pp on the right is a piece of a scenic route arrow that I cut off on another LO.

***journaling reads (starting at top left photo), "8:00 am "Good morning Rowdy! That's some bed head you got there!". 8:05 am time for a ba-ba. Back 2 bed at 9:00. Up at 10 - brekkie. Yeah time for some tv! Get dressed. Get all toys out! Uh-oh, meltdown! Time for a snack! Nana & puffs - yum! 1pm - time for a nice long nap! "I (heart) my duckie & blankie" zzzz.... (back to left side - start at pic under first journaling pic)3:30pm - visit from Poppa! Yeah, hugs! Rowdy loves the Wonder Pets! Yeah, Daddy's home! Time for some Koby time!! "Mama" snacktime - cheerios & crackers. 5pm - walk in my car stroller. Runaway naked child! Bath time & teeth brushed at 7:15pm. Get your pj's on. Have a nightime ba-ba, play time w/Koby & in bed by 8pm (ends with the zzz's)"*** TFL!