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I tried a new technique on this lo to create the flowered paper. I stamped with a versamark pad and then chalked over that. I love how it turned out. The picture in the upper corner is an accordian album containing 6 other pics. There is also hidden journaling inside which reads: I am so blessed to be have to have you with me every day to capture all these adorable pictures and see all your firsts. I am thankful to work for the Witt family so you can grow and learn with other kids. I get the benefits of a stay at home mom while brining home a paycheck. My nannying job has worked out perfectly! There is also journal strips on the second page: We started using a sippy cup! I pump breast milk and put it in your cup instead of a bottle. You love it but sometimes drink too fast and spit up. You love to play with Talisen, jabbering nonsence to each other, stealing each others toys, and chasing one another around teh house. You learned to crawl and pull yourself up and now you are into EVERYTHING! We were rear ended on the freeway! The car was totaled but luckily we both walked away fine. You love to eat...meats, fruits, veggies, breads. Anything and everything as long as there is lots of it! you are chewing on everything and drooling everywhere so I am sure we will be seeing some teeth soon. You love your daddy and say da-da all the time but still no ma-ma. When I tell you to say ma-ma, you laugh and say da-da. This lo came from a sketch in Scrapbooks Etc.