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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

Jouranling Reads:You are our first grandchild, and one of the most precious blessing we have been given. When I look at your face and see the happiness that you show, I see more then most. I see strength, trust, faith, the fortitude to survive! I also see the little baby that has had more surgery then most adults I know. I see the baby that I had to hold down while the nurses tried to get IV number 14 into your poor little veins. I see the little girls that the doctors call the “Miracle” and yet I also see a little girl who is 2 years old and too brave and almost humiliated to have a band aid placed where the nurse took blood from. You are the bravest of brave, our sunshine and our hope, living each day with as more gusto for life then most people! May you live this way always………..

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