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the journaling reads...When asked what my girls want for a present I have now learned to just tell everyone “a box” because no matter how many toys they have to play with, the box is what gets played with the most.
The same goes for outside toys as well. I bought them a large blow up pool to play in and cool off from the hot Texas sun, and they do play in it frequently. But while the neighbor was watching our dog while we were at SeaWorld, he left a big silver bucket of water out for the dog.
When we came home from our vacation, rather than playing in their pool, they are fighting over who is going to sit in the bucket full of water! Now I know for next year, don’t bother spending the money, or the time blowing up the pool, just buy 2 buckets and let them have a blast!
Motherhood is never ending lesson of love!

the top right corner says the joy of discovery, and the metal plate on the bottom left corner says the best things in life are not free but priceless