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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

This is my layout for the April 2008 Scrap Pack Challenge.

I decided not to do my layout on paper... I originally was going to do it on a Canvas - but then changed my mind and decided on a piece of plexiglass that I had just sitting there begging to be embellished in some way :)

The title "shh" was printed out on to cardstock, handcut, then sponge painted with blue/opal paint.

I will list what each of the contents of the pack were and how/where on the layout I used it.

(1) K&Co naked tags: I cut it in half, painted it with an opalized blue paint and placed it to the left of my photo.

(12) brown grossgrain ribbon: I put dots on my brown ribbon with the opal/blue paints using the eraser end of a pencil... I wanted to mimic the dots in the patterened paper and then placed it below the photo

(12) white grossgrain ribbon: I folded it and tacked it down with glue dots... then frayed the edges out a bit with my scissors and added the 2 brown brads - top left hand corner.

(50) clear seed beads: We only need to use 10 of the 50 - I used 45 of them on the K&Co Tag to the left of the photo

(5X13)terrycloth towel- I cut the towel into star shapes and put a star at the lower left of the photo and the upper right

(1) large index cards: I painted the index card with the opal/blue paint, used scallop edge scissors on two sides of the card and used it as the lower right hand corner mat to my photo.

(1 yd) white embroidery floss: Just sewed some basic "x's" in the top middle part of the 2 patterened papers.

(2) brown mini brads: attached to the white grosgrain ribbon - upper left hand corner...

(0.5 oz) white sculpey clay -
1. cut out a star shape, and then used a piece of broken plastic from a drop ceiling light cover to press the pattern into it before baking... the star is on top of the towel star
2. I cut out a strip, made it have large scallops on one side and straight on the other used an embossing stylus to make the dots in it.

both shapes were then baked and painted with the blue/opal paint

bubble wrap : Painted on the bubble wrap with the blue/opal paint and then "stamped" it all over the plexiglass.