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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

This is the 'night time' song as my DS calls it that I have sung to him everynight since he was born. Believe it or not...I actually love the way this LO turned out. That's rare for me. LOL The journaling to the left is the words to the song .....

I don't know what brought us here
Something in the stars said you and me
I don't know where this feeling comes from
Surely it was meant to be
For I have known you even in my dreams
My eyes are open, my heart can see

As sure as stars light the midnight sky
As sure as children wonder why
As sure as newborn babies cry
I was born to give my love to you
Born to give my love to you
Martina McBride

Around the clock at the top right it says....Connor's nighttime song sung to him everynight by Mommy...

PS..this was also the song that my DH and I danced to at our wedding....can you tell I love this song? :)