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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

My attempt for Estee's NSD journaling challenge, thanks for looking! (products listed on page 1 of 2)

Journaling (between both pages) reads;
Right now I take these home stage events for granted as they occur quite regularly, but down the road I do not want to forget how your spirit continues to surprise, humor, and amaze me. I'm hustling you out of the kitchen so I can try to speed up dinner prep, you're right back to continue the concert and insisting that I "produce" (meaning introduce) you using yet another stage name. The spectacular outfits, one-of-a-kind songs, and never before attempted dance moves may change daily, but the creativity and focus remain strong and unyielding. Sometimes we're treated to a capella performances with dimmed lighting, other variety shows include invisible band members playing multiple musical instruments to provide that perfect background beat (your favorite of which is the "compiano"-- I've now come to understand that this is your version of a computerized piano). I hope that these shows continue to change and grow with your sense of taste and style as, quite frankly, they never fail to intrigue me. Funny little girl, please always keep that perfect mix of spontaneity and determination, you are a serious show stopper.