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My daughter and I planned this one, so I bought the kit "Sweet Escape" from Scrapbook.com, but its not there anymore to select from in the products list. This "Rocket" has been in Hawthorne (Actually Babbitt, a ghost town) since I was a kid. When the boys came when they were much younger, I wouldn't let them get on it and they came home MAD! Gramma wouldn't let us on the rocket! I guess I forgot how to be a kid..but I can't climb, I can't run you know. And its way up there 40-50 feet, gotta climb stairs thru a little hole. If any of you know me, I'm overprotective! But the whole family went got these precious pictures for me. They had so much fun! I wanted to make more out of the bars, but I'd be hunting all night for embellies! I like to have fun with pictures! If anyone could escape from this rocket, Emily could! Her brothers are making sure she has fun and doesn't fall! Babbitt used to be the housing for the military and the civil service workers up until it went contract in 1980, Slowly, it was phased out, and it became a modern ghost town. I was raised there! I miss it! Her brothers, Tylor (the older) and Kristian, are making sure she's okay!